Selling to iBuyers

You're probably all out there wondering why you get so many offers to buy your house from companies like Open door, Offerpad, Redfin Now, etc.

The short answer is;

Everyone has equity, it's just a matter of how much!

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Welcome again. I just want to talk today about offers we get as homeowners from Open Door, Offer Pad, Redfin Now, We buy houses; all those different companies that are just constantly making what seemingly are attractive offers to buy our houses.

There's a reason for that. It's because we all have a lot of equity in our houses right now. That's how much prices have gone up in consecutive years. These companies are on top of the housing market, and it's much more profitable for these companies to throw in a very flat number to you. Little do you know that those numbers can actually be lowered as the process goes on.

But even if you're lucky enough to sell for that initial offer that they give you, they still can make money. What they're looking to do is to make the upgrades and improvements that allow them to sell your home at a much higher price. At the end, they are the ones that walk away with the easy equity that you could've attained if you did it with the help of a Realtor that's experienced in overseeing upgrades.

This is exactly what I do in Las Vegas for many homeowners. I help them make those upgrades at a very reasonable cost. This way the homeowner can capitalize and achieve that easy equity that we all have.

I've had numerous homes where a few thousand, $10,000 - even larger projects like 20,000 - have brought back at least three to four times as much as the seller spent to improve the home. And it brought it back very quickly. With my team, I can usually get a home ready in under two weeks. I promise, all these improvements will raise the value of your home by three, four, even five times as much as was put into it.

A quick example, I had a home just this past fall where the seller spent $19,000 and it allowed us to sell the property very quickly for $90,000 more.

Seller's home before any repairs, prior to going on the market.

Seller's home after repairs were completed and ready to be placed on the market.

You can see the difference all the upgrades makes for the final product. Not just upgrades, repairs too. Giving the Buyer confidence in their purchase, and the satisfaction to the Seller that it was well worth it.

That's just an example of the easy equity all of us have. And that these quick, convenient, quick buy companies are looking to capture. This way they can profit on your home instead of you.

So the next time you're tempted by one of those offers and you think that you can't do any better, I can assure you, you definitely can.

If this is something your interested in doing. It can be done on any scale. I'm a great resource to call for this kind of project. With my experience I can help you capture all of that equity that we all have earned while owning our homes.

I invite you to keep coming back. With so much happening in the market right now, I have a lot of content I'd like to share. All to help you attain your goals, Buying, Selling, or other.


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